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y’all wanna talk about muslims being terrorists i live in a islamic country and we had ZERO school shootings in the history of this country SOMEONE is shooting something up and it sure aint us 


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"People wait
all week for friday,
all year for summer,
all life for happiness."

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"Why don’t you give your angels a break?"

- - Aisha (rA) told a group of women after hearing them talk on and on, backbiting and gossiping about others. (via morrawr)

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Marriage in Islam is so simple and beautiful. Throw in culture and suddenly everything becomes long and complicated.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever talked to a guy on the phone for marriage purposes?


I have talked to men on the phone for many purposes

mostly for ordering pizzas

Anonymous asked: Salaam hun, hope you're well. I'm an anonymous follower of yours, wanted to take a quick moment to post this as you have so many followers. Aliza (@alizazara on instagram) needs our dua's and help. Her mum needs to raise €160,000 for her treatment. Please post to all your followers, every little helps, even if it just creates awareness, thanks Afsana xxx


Everyone please help Aliza Zara :D and reblog this post to everyone on tumblr. Hopefully we can all help her. I’ve pasted the link below where you can donate money. Even a little will be worth a lot so pass this around.